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sign up to our newsletterA Curious Invitation is a new venture from Suzette Field, formally of  The Last Tuesday Society bringing lectures, parties, workshops and more to London and beyond. Fun things to do in London!twitterfacebookpinterest
Taxidermy Classes in Central London Butterfly Setting and Preservation An Evening with Joe Black
Jane Eyre League of Improv Poetry Brothel Ten Trips
London Month of the Dead 2023 Once Upon A Midnight Darkly
Bowie's Books at the Century Club The Extraordinary Life of Marchesa Casati City of the Beast with Phil baker
Psychoanalysing Death Death Drawing Room Punk, Porn and Performance Ghost in the Machine
BFI Flipside presents Primitive London Psychoanalysing Death Murder in the Red Barn Ghost in the Machine
Gothic London The Spirit Engineer Through a Glass Darkly Dissecting the Past
The Black Swan Embracing the Beast Vampire in the Library
Aubrey Beardsley with Alice Insley
Ts Eliot and the London of the Waste Land Leigh Bowery with Sue Tilley
Charlie Chaplin Looking for Easy Street with Bryony Dixon
upcoming events - Calendar of things to do in London Taxidermy Classes in Central London Butterfly Setting and Preservation
Andrew Martin on Necropolis Madness and the 19th Century Asylum Sarah Wise on the Blackest Streets
London Month of the Dead 2017
Winter Masked Ball at the Vaults
Past events Lost Hearts valentines ball david bowie Hippodramas and the city's forgotten theatrical pleasures
Helen O'Neill on the London Library at 175 After Hours Opera Maria de Buenos Aires Crucial Interventions the history of the surgical revolution London Alchemy
Laurence Olivier Salon at the Cafe Royal Masonic Masquerade ball 2016 Walking the Giner Line with Iain Sinclair Joan Littlewood at the Cafe Royal
Antonia Fraser with Benedict Nightingale on Harold Pinter September Masked Ball Vaults London Month of the Dead Candlelit Ghost Stories
Magic Lantern Show Necrophilia and the Penetration Paradox Mortifications of the Flesh Aural ectoplasm
Neil McKenna on Oscar Wilde Shades of the City The Architecture of Death
Songs and Dances of Death Legends of the Undead
Halloween ball London Coronet Theatre Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead
Ghost in the Machine Ian Kelly on Samuel Foote at the Cafe Royal Winter masked Ball at the Vaults New Year's Eve Eve Masked Ball
Past Events 2015 Friday 13th Valentines Ball 2015 William Morris at Carlyle's House Rite of Spring - The Great May Masked Ball at The Coronet. Friday 8th May 2015
Always Print the Myth - at the V&A museum - talks on Public Relations with Alan Edwards 2015 Leigh Bowery at the Cafe Royal history of taxidermy at Carlyle's House Suits Sex and Savile Row at the Cafe Royal
32 Londoners 2015 - Salons aboard the London Eye. Thursday 30th April Gold and Silver Ball - The Metallic Masquerade - Conway Hall - Saturday 28th March 2015 Neil McKenna at the National Trus Masonic Masquerade
Kate Bethune on Alexander McQueen
London Month of the Dead 2015 - A series of events in the great cemeteries of London. Full programme of events to be confirmed. Satan's Rout - A Halloween Ball at The Coronet. 30th October 2015heatre. 30th October 20145 Winter Masked Ball - A Curious Invitation's Christmas party at The Vaults, London. . 30th November 2015.
past events 32 Londoners Rite of Spring May Masked Ball Victorian Music Hall talk with Essie fox at Carlyle's house national trust
The Quilt talk with lynne edwards MBE carlyle's house nation trust london Midsummer Masked Ball June curious invitation last tuesday society suzette field viktor wynd William Makepeace thackeray event talk national trust carlyle's house london Taylor Latitude Festival Event scoundrels hollow last tuesday society viktor wynd suzette field curious invitation
Dark Circus Party July 2014 Walter Potter Event taxidermy event national trust london carlyle's house Wilderness Festival McMurphy's Ward Party Burke and Hare Day at the Edinburgh festival - Curious Invitation Viktor Wynd Last Tuesday Society
Live Forever with Dr. Aubrey De Grey at The Cafe Royal 16th September 2014 Black and white dance - The Monochrome Masqurade at Conway Hall Saturday October 4th The Church of Ayahuasca salon talk at The Cafe Royal on 21st October 2014. A lecture on shamenistic Psychadelic drug from South America with Danny Diskin
London Month of the Dead. From 12th October to November 2nd 2014. Click here to view full list of events Satan's Rout Halloween Ball at Coronet Theatre, London. Friday 31st October 2014 Day of the Dead Ball at St. Pancras Ball Room, London Saturday Nov 1st 2014. Halloween party. From SAS to disaster surgeon with Richard Villar at Cafe Royal November 27th
Geoffrey Marsh (curator at the V&A museum)on Ziggy Stardust - The Last Supper - at Cafe Royal, Wednesday 3rd December 2014, London. Seminar, lecture, talk, salon on David Bowie Winter Masked Ball Christmas Party Last Tuesday Society Saturday 4th December 2014 New years eve masked ball curious inviation (formally last tuesday society viktor wynd)  
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