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PHIZ, LEECH and CRUIKSHANK - Charles Dickens and his Illustrators
A Live, Illustrated Zoom Talk with historian Pete Smith  
Wednesday 14th July 2021 at 7:00 pm

Join us for the eighth Westminster Arts Reference Library's Artists of London salons where Pete Smith explores the wonderful world and work of the illustrators who visualised Dickens' stories, characters and settings. In addition to the talk and a Q+A, each event will include a spotlight on a special item from the Library's collection.

Writing for an audience that ranged from high society to the semi-literate, CHARLES DICKENS understood well the importance of illustrations, some of which were to define the public perception of his characters and the urban scene they inhabited.

He worked closely with several artists who produced illustrations for his novels and writing, often directing them regarding which episodes to illustrate, and sometimes criticising their interpretations.

In this illustrated talk, historian PETE SMITH reveals the story of the author's close and often fraught collaboration with a range of talented artists including the famous illustrators George Cruikshank and Hablot Knight Browne aka ‘Phiz’ and lesser known figures such as John Leech and Frederick W. Pailthorpe. Smith will highlight and de-code a myriad detailed clues in their illustrations that a modern reader might easily miss.

Tickets £4.80 including a 50% donation to the Westminster Arts Reference Library

Pete Smith
PETE SMITH is a Devon-born academic who has lived in London since the age of ten. Since retiring as Head of English and Dean of Arts at Brunel University (a job he describes as very like managing the salad bar at Smithfield Meat Market), he has reinvented himself as a City of London and City of Westminster guide and freelance lecturer.

PLEASE NOTE - This talk will take place virtually via Zoom. Ticket sales will end at 5:00 pm BST on the day of the lecture. A link to the conference will be sent to the email used at checkout at 6:00 pm BST on the day of the event. Please email suzette@acuriousinvitation.com in the event your link fails to arrive.


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