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EGON SCHIELE - The Pornographer of Vienna
with Lewis Crofts at Erno Goldfinger's home at 2 Willow Road NW3

Thursday 24th May 2018
Doors open at 6:30 pm, Talk commences at 7:00 pm

Egon Schiele (1890 - 1918) is recognised today as one of the most important artists of the early 20th century and a central figure of Austrian Modernism. The raw sexuality of his portraits conjure feelings of pain, anger and existential loneliness that resonates with audiences over a century after their creation. 

Today, the Leopold Museum in Vienna boasts the largest collection of Schiele’s paintings, but in his lifetime he was shunned by the Viennese art establishment who publicly deemed his erotic, explicit work to be “pornography” (though some of them collected it in private). In his talk, Schiele’s biographer Lewis Crofts will lay bare the short, tumultous life of Austria’s most decadent and most misunderstood painter exactly one hundred years after his death. Revealing how the absinthe-soaked, decaying last days of the Austro-Hungarian empire both inspired and destroyed him.

Lewis Crofts
Lewis Crofts is an English author, translator and journalist. He studied Modern and Medieval Languages at St Catherine's College, Oxford University. His first book, The Pornographer of Vienna, is a novel based on the life of Egon Schiele who was famous for his sexually explicit depictions of the Viennese underworld.

"A bold reimagining of the short, frenetic life of Egon Schiele, Crofts's debut doesn't shrink from depicting the squalor of his existence and powerfully evokes his uncompromising talent." - The Guardian

Tickets £15 including a glass of prosecco. Please click here to buy.


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