A Winter Masked Ball inspired by classics of science fiction
in the Waterloo Vaults SE1
Friday 24th & Saturday 25th November 2017 - 9:00 pm to 3 am

Descend into a subterranean maze of deep, dark galleries for a midwinter celebration for the devout, the dissenter and the devilish Dance, drink, feast and make merry with us in an underground space age colony with martian caves, forbidden planets and lunar grottos designed by theatrical maestros Darling and Edge.

Featuring a cast of out of this world performers, the night's festivities will include a scintillating cocktail of music, theatre and cabaret.

THE KINGDOM OF THE MOON : a tribute to “Le Voyage dans la Lune” (1902) directed by Georges Méliès.

Your arrival on the Moon has displeased the Star People who rule this sphere. Take refuge in the grottos beneath the Lunar surface, where strange mushrooms grow, but beware of disturbing the Selenites - the insect-like denizens of the Moon who dwell there.

MONSTERS FROM THE ID : inspired by “Forbidden Planet” (1956)

Welcome to the 23rd Century where the planet Altair IV is stalked by an alien creature which terrorises the survivors of an expedition sent there. The ancient race of the Krell had discovered the secret of limitless power, but will it destroy you as it destroyed their civilisation?

THE MARTIAN COLONY : based on “The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch” (1965) by Philip K Dick

Touch down on the inhospitable planet Mars where the human colonists take hallucinogenic drugs as an escape from the harsh daily realities of their environment. Escape into the psychic netherworld of Perky Pat while awaiting the appearance of the half-cyborg Messiah Palmer Eldritch.

THE CABARET AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE : an homage to “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” (1980) by Douglas Adams

Travel five hundred and seventy-six thousand million years into the future - where the universe hovers perpetually on the brink of extinction - to Milliways restaurant where your table awaits. Here at the End of All Existence the floor show is about to start..

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The cast for Worlds Without End - the Winter Masked Ball is listed below. Please use the links to find out more about each of our performers. A new act will be announced each week in the run up to the ball plus news of two very special guests to come...

Captain Crop
Golden Servers Travelling Menagerie Clan Dextine
Troylus Searll Suzette Field Theatre of Dolls