Lost Hearts

12th February 2016 - 9 pm to 4 am
at the Coronet Theatre, London SE1

Lost, stolen, strayed or betrayed - just some of the fates the human heart is heir to. If yours should abscond ahead of St Valentine's Day then spurn that anodyne festival of cupids and confectionery, and come join us instead to celebrate the darker side of love, obsession, longing and angst.

Let our cast of performers regale you as you drink, dance and debauch yourself into delirium or delinquency.

Tickets £20 each or a friends
and family group of five tickets for £80.
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  The Lost Hearts Valentine's Ball will feature four stages, three immersive realms and a wondrous
cast of London's most eerie, exotic and eccentric performers. Be prepared to lose your heart to:
lost hearts valentines masked ball