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with Gary Lachman at Erno Goldfinger's home at 2 Willow Road NW3

Thursday 23rd May 2019
Doors open at 6:30 pm, Talk commences at 7:00 pm

Rudolf Steiner -- educator, architect, artist, philosopher and agriculturalist -- ranks amongst the most creative and prolific figures of the early twentieth century. He is widely known for what he left behind: a network of Waldorf schools, biodynamic farming, Camphill schools and villages and pioneering work in holistic health and environmental research. Although his achievements are felt all over the world, few people understand this unusual figure.

In this talk, Gary Lachman will tell Steiner's story presenting the philospher’s key ideas in an accessible way and tracing his beginning as a young intellectual in the ferment of fin de siecle culture to the founding of his own metaphysical teaching, called anthroposophy.

Gary Lachman
Gary Lachman, also known as Gary Valentine, is an American writer and musician. He came to prominence in the mid-1970s as the bass guitarist for the punk rock/new wave band Blondie. He is now a full time writer and the author of twenty-one books on topics ranging from the evolution of consciousness to literary suicides, popular culture and the history of the occult.

"Lachman writes about philosophical and mystical ideas with exceptional grace, forcefulness and clarity."—The Washington Post

Tickets for this event have now sold out.


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