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AUBREY BEARDSLEY - The Erotic and the Elegant
A Live, Illustrated Zoom Talk with Tate curator Alice Insley
Wednesday 13th January 2021 at 7:00 pm

Join us for the second Westminster Arts Reference Library's Artists of London salons where ALICE INSLEY, co-curator of the Tate's BEARDSLEY exhibition, explores the extraordinary work of the eccentric illustrator who titillated Victorian London. In addition to the talk and a Q+A, each event will include a spotlight on a special item from the Library's collection.

AUBREY BEARDSLEY alternately scandalised and titillated late-Victorian London society with the uniquely provocative black and white illustrations that explored the humorous, the grotesque, the erotic and the elegant.

Born in 1872 in Brighton, the life of the man christened “Awfully Weirdly” by unkind contemporaries was cut short tuberculosis at the age of 25. One of the enfants terribles of fin-de-siècle London, his enigmatic persona and distinctive art ensured his notoriety. Indeed, such was his success that the 1890s were dubbed the ‘Beardsley Period’.

In this illustrated Zoom talk, Alice Insley will discuss his brief but intense career and the drawings – mostly known through print – that shocked and fascinated contemporaries and which continue to resonate today.

Tickets £4.80 including a 50% donation to the Westminster Arts Reference Library

Alice Insley
Alice is Assistant Curator, Historic British Art at Tate Britain, with a particular focus on art of the eighteenth century. Her most recent projects have included the 2020 Beardsley exhibition at Tate and the spotlight displays ‘1819: Year of Revolution?’ and ‘John Opie’.

PLEASE NOTE - This talk will take place virtually via Zoom. Ticket sales will end at 5:00 pm BST on the day of the lecture. A link to the conference will be sent to the email used at checkout at 6:00 pm BST on the day of the event. Please email suzette@acuriousinvitation.com in the event your link fails to arrive. Please note this talk will be recorded and can be sent free of charge to ticket holders by request.


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