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Allihopa at A Curious Invitation Masked Ball



Stockholm to London, via Norfolk.

Allihopa serve Scandi-style open sandwiches topped with a variety of tasty toppings. Each meal features trout that's hand smoked in in Norfolk, perfect potato salads, remoulades and pickles, all piled up on sourdough or as a salad box.

Smaklig måltid!

Allihopa was recently featured as Street Food of the week in Time Out magazine. For a little more about their food, please read the interview below:

So, what are we eating?
A smoked trout open sandwich with celeriac remoulade, pickled cucumber, sweet mustard, beetroot and horseradish creme fraiche. And potato salad. £6.

What, no chips?
Some days you need a lunch that has absolutely nothing to do with deep-fat fryers. Trust us.

But why trout?
Jacob and Sam's fish comes from a sustainable hatchery and is hand-smoked in Jacob's dad's Norfolk back garden. Trout are smaller than salmon so their flesh is firmer, while still tasting just as delicious.

What else is on the menu?
We'll be trying their fish balls on a deep-fat-fryer-day, and there's talk of smoked sea urchin making it onto the menu in the near future.

And it's tasty?
Delicious. All those pickles and condiments provide wonderfully crunchy, punchy backdrops to the generous strips of smoky fish. The bread's soft, fresh and cut right before your eyes, but they also offer salad boxes for those who like that sort of thing.

Where can I get it?
At Kerb's Monday market at King's Cross. They're currently looking for a farmers' market to join in with so keep an eye on their Twitter if you can't join them for lunch.