Penny Metal
Penny Metal

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'The truly anarchic Penny Metal is a DJ extraordinaire, boldly playing tunes no one else dares. Her passion for Eastern European and Russian music shines through in the eclectic sets she unleashes on her audiences. Innovative and inspirational, expect a quirky soundtrack of rich folk anthems and eccentric electronica splashed with polka, surf and chiptunes. With wry humour and a cheeky grin she propels you into your own personal cartoon.

Her greek bouzouki hurricanes and slapping polka drives make any club or festival crowd scream... - Kosta Kostov, balkanXpress

Penny really stands out from the crowd - no one can touch the variety, the richness and the fun of her sets - Continental Drifts

Fucking awesome! - A fan

Gig highlights: Datscha-Projekt (Hamburg), BalkanBeats (Berlin), BalkanXpress (Cologne), SchliwoBeatz (Vienna), Nuits Tsigane All Stars (Paris), Club Taranului (Bucharest), Kompott (Bonn), Ariano FolkFestival (Italy), EthnoMechanica Festival (St Petersburg), Ost Festival (Vienna), Fusion Festival (Germany), EasternXpress Festival (Sweden), PolkaBEATS Festival (Cottbus), Kees Van Hondt (Utrecht), Katushka! (Uppsala), Camp Tipsy (Germany), Pulse Festival (London), FolxTanz (Bonn), Wilderness Festival (UK), Trash City (Glastonbury) (UK), The Polka Tent / Caravanseri (Bestival and Camp Bestival) (UK), Swamp Shack (Bestival), The Big Chill (UK), Global Local (UK), London Remixed Festival (UK), Stranger than Paradise (London), Torture Gardens (London), The Last Tuesday Society (UK), Kulturkosmos (Berlin), The Stubnitz (Rostock), the Kopi (Berlin), Knochenbox (Berlin), Eschschloraque (Berlin), Rakehells Revels (UK), Soviet Reunion (UK), Carnevalesque (UK), GhettoArt Split (Croatia), Cossack Disko (London), L'Aliementation Generale (Paris), Polka Club (UK), Radio Gargarin (UK), Nazdrove! (UK), CCCP Club, Yaam (Berlin), Russian Revels (UK), Beglika Festival (Bulgaria), WanderZirkus (Berlin), Lovebox (UK), OutJazz Festival (Lisbon), Spirit of Burgas Festival (Bulgaria), Freekuency Festival (Portugal), Mongol Rally Launch, Dash Arts (UK), A Curious Invitation (UK)