Art Macabre Death Drawing salons invite you to pick up an artistic weapon of choice and make some killer marks, exploring dark and deathly themes through drawing from life and sketching skeletons. Directed and hosted by Nikki Shaill, Art Macabre present life drawing salons that are defiantly different; injecting a lethal dose of curiosity and theatricality into drawing at regular events and seasonal specials throughout London and beyond.

Since Halloween eve 2010, Art Macabre have inspired thousands of people to get re-acquainted with the dark art of drawing from life, inviting them to look death in the face and expose some of its taboos whilst doing so. Death drawing salons feature flesh and bone, nude models and skulls, plus a cabinet of curiosities-worth of costumes and props for models to pose with to create inspiring tableaux.

Death drawing salons take place at all sorts of intriguing places. Art Macabre have presented living anatomical Venuses at the Old Operating Theatre as part of the Congress for Curious People and skull-faced figures at Barts Pathology Museum. Spent evenings unearthing grave robbing at Museum of London and revealed gothic Victoriana romance in medieval crypts. From workshops with children in Parisian gardens to secret woodland workshops at festivals, Art Macabre's deepest desire is to lay to rest memories of boring drawing experiences and resurrect your passion for putting pencil to paper.

"One of the top 21 fun things to do in London." Lonely Planet