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a curious invitation the century club last tuesday society soho london
Tove Jansson at the Century Club


SPERM WARFARE: The Science of Sex
with Simon Watt
At the Century Club - Soho W1

Tuesday 14th February 2023
Doors open at 6:30 pm, Talk commences at 7:00 pm

So you’ve found a healthy, fertile mate, you’ve fought off your rivals and you’ve convinced them that you are what they were looking for. But the reproductive race is far from over, my friend. We have entered the realms of Sperm Warfare.

In this illustrated talk, biologist Simon Watt will explore the devious tricks used by cells, organs and bodies to win the race to fertilisation. From infidelity, to homosexuality, to the female orgasm, Simon will turn on every light in the bedroom.

Tickets £12 - please click here to buy.

Simon Watt
Simon Watt is a biologist, writer, science communicator, comedian, TV presenter, trainer, consultant and artist. He is a regular contributor to TV, radio and the web and perhaps best known as a presenter on the BAFTA-winning documentary series, Inside Nature’s Giants, the IFTA-winning Wild Cities and the Channel 4 special, The Elephant: Life After Death.

Image credit - Sperm swimming towards an egg by Bill McConkey. Attribution 4.0 international, CC by 4.0


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