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History of Perversion


A History of Perversion

with Julie Peakman at the Century Club - Soho W1

Tuesday 28th February 2023
Doors open at 6:30 pm, Talk commences at 7:00 pm

Homosexuals, transvestites, transsexuals, sado-masochists, necrophiliacs - all of these have been, or still are, considered 'deviants'. Concomitantly there has been almost universal acceptance that unembellished vaginal penetration, performed by one man and one woman, is 'normal' sex. This is now contested. But what is perverse sex and what isn't?

In this illustrated talk, author, historian, and sex scholar Julie Peakman traces changing attitudes to a dozen different sexual perversions from the beginning of Western civilisation to the present day. All sexual behaviours will be investigated from masturbation to golden showers to necrophilia to BDSM to plushies, furries, wife swapping and even more. Julie will discuss each 'perversion’, uncovering the time it was first visible in history and examining how it is viewed today while asking the question why we can be so intolerant of other people's sexual preferences. Expect an enlightening powerpoint presentation.

Tickets £12 - please click here to buy.

Julie Peakman
Julie Peakman is a historian, author and broadcaster. She is author or editor of many books including Mighty Lewd Books: The Development of Pornography in Eighteenth-century England (2003), Lascivious Bodies: A Sexual History of the Eighteenth Century (2004), Sexual Perversions 1650 - 1890 (2009) and A Cultural History of Sexuality (2010).


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