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Originally spawned from the dark and dingy depths of London’s best Rock and Heavy Metal clubs, DJ Rockit Riyad gets his name from his unrivalled ability to Rock anything and everything in his path. His boundless energy and stamina make him one of the most animated and powerful DJ’s to hit the club scene, and clubbers, punters and quite often even club staff can’t help but feed off his unstoppable energy and constantly feel the need to ‘Rock it’ on the dance floor.

Considering himself a connoisseur of dirty music, he dedicates a lot of his spare time searching for new, edgy and sexual thought provoking music to add to his already diverse collection.
Specialising in Hip Hop, Electro, House, Trap and Deep House, he believes dancing is the strongest aphrodisiac there is, and loves playing naughty music for naughty people, but with his vast knowledge and expertise in numerous styles of music from Rock to Hip Hop to Electro to Motown to Nu Disco to Dubstep to House to Drum n Bass to Indie, he is more than capable of playing music that not only works in any situation but gets the dance floor experiencing all sorts of positive human emotions.
He always has his crowds partying that little bit harder than most, and has a cunning knack of keeping everyone dancing until the bitter end of his set.