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Pi doesn't live in this world. Care to join him in his? Gender-bending, crowd pleasing, award winning, genre defying individual with a passion for making people think, feel but, most of all, smile. Starting as a theatre mime, Pi ventured into the London cabaret scene after being noticed by producers Finger in the Pie at Mimetic Festival. Since then, he has been exploring and developing cabaret in London, teaching burlesque and dipping his toe in the pool of drag.

Pi is a trained mime [Marceau, Lecoq, Decroux] both in the UK and abroad, clown and dancer with experience in circus, burlesque and drag. Having studied at Rose Buford College, Pi is versed in all areas of theatre and has a developed understanding of the behind the scenes as well as performance.

Pi was born in 2013 at Mimetic Festival and has gone from strength to strength since then, in the UK and internationally as part of Cabarets and with his solo show.