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Marnie Scarlet is the Scarlet Diva of Fetish- cabaret! Renowned for her fabulously larger-than-life costumes and looks and twistedly deviant shows, Marnie will shock and tantalise.

She combines aspects of Fetish with a performance Art and mixes in a little Burlesque and a touch of Cabaret. Marnie makes all her outfits and herself, favouring raunchy rubber, but not afraid to throw some fine fabrics into the mix, from coats made out of hair-extensions to meters of beautiful lace laid over latex.

Some of her acts like poison Ivy and Voodoo apocalypse incorporate body piercing and culminate in Marnie setting fire to sparklers connected to the piercings in her body Marnie had performed all over the world at Fetish and cabaret events, her style appealing both to Fetish, cabaret and Burlesque audiences.

From SMack! in New York to TG and Club Anti-Christ in the UK and even the Cannes Film festival. Marnie Scarlet will steal your heart and most probably make a nice hat out of it!