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Imagine Grace Jones in a live futuristic blaxploitation movie where she has nothing to lose but her soul

Cult music icon Lady Vendredi is a mythopoetic super heroine and vodou priestess popstar from another dimension. With an international cast and her band The Vendettas, join her on a time travelling uninhibited mythic journey and quest for revenge.

This viciously beautiful and exuberant immersive music theatre production lets you gaze into the open wound of the world, where a live original soundtrack of pulsating synthetic rhythms and dirty bass drive the tensions between freedom and control, personal gods and demons, censorship and intimacy.

Leave your ideologies at the door and enter an all-encompassing and experiential world of palpable sensuality, staggering insight and intriguing myth-making.

Featuring tracks from the new Lady Vendredi EP, which has been supported by Floating Points, Emanative, Four Tet & Gilles Peterson.

Since March 2015, nitroBEAT has been a resident company at Soho Theatre.