Rameau Ensemble Fairies and Beasts from the Underworld Enter the enchanting underworld of fairies and beasts with a French Baroque pasticcio of music by Rameau, Clérambault, and Charpentier that magically whirls through effervescent dances and mesmerising arias. In this immersive musical experience performed in unexpected ways, feast and delight in the wonders of music from operas Dardanus, Zoroastre, Médée, Les Fetes d’Hébé, and Les Indes Galantes.

Lisa Rijmer (soprano), Oskar McCarthy (baritone), Asako Ogawa (harpsichord), Lisete Bull (flute), Haru Sekiya (violin 1), Iva Fleischhansova (violin 2), Joanne Miller (viola), Nikolay Ginov (cello)

Rameau Ensemble Biog
The Rameau Ensemble promotes and performs the music of French Baroque composer Jean-Philippe Rameau and his contemporaries, bringing awareness and engagement to this visionary music after its neglect over the last few centuries. Led by academic research, the Ensemble aims to be the UK’s leading organisation for historically informed performance, presenting bold, modern premieres of Rameau’s operas to new audiences in imaginative ways.

Comprised of musicians from around the world, the Rameau Ensemble has performed on BBC Radio 3, at A Curious Invitation parties, at major London venues and beyond. In addition to its performances, the Ensemble is also committed to cultivating the next generation of French Baroque musicians through its annual International Rameau Summer School with the foremost experts in the field, such as Christophe Rousset and Christian Curnyn.