Iluá Hauck da Silva



Iluá Hauck da Silva is an artist and glassmaker specialising in works of anatomical and pathological symbolism. She is currently the artist in residence at The College of Optometrists in London's west end. Her show, Pathos Ocularis - The Beautiful and the Curious is exhibiting at the College until May 2020. Iluá's show is a modern-day cabinet of curiosities dedicated to eyes, exploring the same aspects she has previously explored in other organs such as the heart: beauty, anatomy, pathology, and symbolism.

At the ball, Iluá will be working with Engineers of Desire as a cabaret muse in a show that tackles the pressing issue of climate change highlighting our own risk of joining the registrar of lost worlds...

Iluá Hauck da Silva at the Royal College of Optometrists