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Mia Gubbay works as a freelance drawing teacher in galleries, museums and on heritage sites, sharing her passion for artefacts with a broad audience; her life-drawing lessons reference practices concerned with the human body and its rendition in an array of cultural contexts.

Full of humour she maintains that "drawings in-the-making are personal movements, but (that) no movement is entirely historically isolated" thus her classes contextualise drawings, inevitably involving an element of fixating curatorial/spontaneous narrative.

"Some students draw like French cave men with hints of Warhol's frustrated knotted lines, others reconstruct rooms from shadows on the floor; If I can find paper contemporaries for the drawings I am shown, a lineage of shared thought comes to light..

I think life-drawing is relevant in the context of a museum as historically it has evoked strong reactions. It exists very much in the past, in many ways, yet the subject is ever present. Drawing, at its bluntest, is throwing into the future"

Mia trained as an illustrator at Central Saint Martins, having worked as a live artist for the musical charity, the Concordia foundation, and with the National Arts Learning Network. She has performed and taught across Europe.