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Buffo’s Wake is a twelve-legged beast hatched in the murky backwater of Brighton, UK. Armed with accordions, violins and a bucket full of gusto, they waltz, tango, mosh and breakdance their way through a wide range of eastern European punk rock cabaret, with tales of debauchery, deformity, zombies, incest, anatomy and sweet, old-fashioned horror.

“Storming gypsy bangers! Twisting folk with a heavy smattering of pounding gypsy dance music – while very new to the scene, Buffo’s Wake work the crowd like pros, jumping, dancing and bringing you headfirst into the world of eastern European madness – we love them! Sounds Like: the gate has swung shut behind you at the abandoned fairground”Playgroup

Little is known is known of the true story of how Buffo’s Wake came to be, (they change their story each time) though it is rumoured that they bonded over a Ouija board, bourbon and Tom Waits.

In their brief but bombastic years together, they have toured extensively throughout Europe, playing in over 15 countries as well as countless tours and headline shows throughout the UK. They have made TV and radio appearances, the most notable being BBC Introducing in 2012 and have performed at many of the best known British and European festivals including Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown and Bestival - and once got Bodger (of Bodger and Badger fame) so rowdy that he had to be escorted out of a Brighton bar – true story.

“You may recall a desolate band of misfits in Tim Burton’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ that popped up every now and then with musical interludes of damp and haunting melodies that were, in their own way, quite captivating. Well Buffo’s Wake have a very similar allure; that is intriguing violins and erratic accordions, both utterly besmirched with wonderfully gloomy undertones and lingering vocals” – Boomtown Fair

“Fascinatingly dark, twisted and full of energy” Simon Price, The Independent